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GMP Additiv’ specializes in metal selective laser melting for complex products with high added value.

GMP Additiv’ is a major partner in the field, its total control over the entire value chain means it can offer the best solution for every client.


Direct metal laser melting is an additive manufacturing technology that relies on heat, generated by a laser, to melt powder metal. This high power (400W) YAG laser is able to create a 3D object in a layer-by-layer fashion.

This technology creates near fully dense (99.9%) complex geometrical forms that cannot otherwise be obtained by traditional methods, such as lattice, porous, or bio mimicking structures.

This production method, with its associated short lead times, is ideal for prototypes and small series, and opens the door to new market opportunities.

Les matériaux


  • Stainless steel : (15-5 PH, 17-4 PH, 316 L)

  • Nickel-based steel : (Inconel IN718, Inconel IN 625, Hastelloy X)

  •  Titanium : (Ti-6Al-4V, Ti-6Al-4V ELI, Ti Gr2)

  • Aluminium : (AlSi7Mg, AlSi10Mg, Al 6061)

  • Tantalum : (Ta)

  • Refractory metals, and others, on demand


Synergies between the different entities of the GMP Group make our global offer unique across the market:

  •  Powder characterization: particle size analysis, morphology
  • Conceptual analyses: functional, feasibility, specific AM requirements
  • Studies: conception, simulation, model making, and optimization
  • Pre-processing: material selection, build chamber orientation, machine parameters
  • Production: real-time monitoring
  • Post-processing: stress relieving, heat treatments, support structure removal, final touches
  • High precision manufacturing
  • Metrology and material characterization
  • CT scan (X Ray Tomography)
Nos services
Nos équipements


Production work is undertaken in a controlled environment, guaranteeing complete control over temperature, moisture, and overpressure, all of which are determining factors in quality control during parts manufacturing.

  • Machine: EOS M290
  • Build chamber: 250 mm x 250 mm x 350 mm
  • Laser: YAG 400 W

To complete the offer, our workshop is fitted with dedicated post-processing tooling:

  • Re-working: Wire EDM, CNC Machining
  • Heat treatment: argon oven
  • Finishing: abrasive blasting and polishing



Our laboratory offers a wide range of tests and measurements, which guarantee dimensional and geometric product requirements, as well as material characterization.

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Striving for customer satisfaction and driven on by our own expectations, our management system complies with both ISO9001 and EN9100 standards.

Quality control is at the heart of each step of the process, from raw material acquisition, all the way through to product delivery.

In addition to the constant monitoring of our suppliers and sub-contractors, we continuously educate our workforce through training programs, to maintain a state of continuous improvement.